Use this list to guide you in gathering much of the information you'll need for your first appointment at uFinancial Group.

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Personal, Legal, and Estate Planning Documents


___  Current Wills and Trusts


___  Business Agreements (if appropriate)



Employment Documents


___  Group Insurance Booklet/Summary Sheet                                                                             


___  Pension or Profit Sharing Information/Annual Statement and Retirement Projections 


___  Deferred Compensation, Split Dollar or Other Benefit Agreements   



Personal Financial Documents


___  Real Estate / Automobile / Other Tangible Assets                                                                 


___  Investment Statements                                                                                                               


___  Loan Information, i.e. Interest, Term, Amount                                                                        


___  Last Year’s Tax Returns                                                                                                             


___  Most Recent Financial Statements                                                                                          


___  Paycheck Itemized Withholding Stub for Each Working Spouse                                       


___  Social Security Estimate                        



Insurance Information


___  Life Disability Policies, Long Term Care, and Medical Insurance Owned Either Personally or by Your Employer                                                                                                                                      


___  Life Disability Policies, Long Term Care, and Medical Insurance on Other Family Members   

___  Dividend Statements on Above Contracts





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